Back onboard for 2014

It’s awesome to be back onboard Songline, our little floating apartment.

Ron jumped back on board around the 10th April.  Harriet and I followed on the 28th May after packing up the Stewart Street shack.

Harriet remembered the drill and slotted into boat life like the true star she is.

Songline, after 6 months and 3 cyclones, faired well.  Only a couple of hickups – Freezer, kaput (waiting on parts and technician). Ron replaced the hot water system as it had a slow leak, leaking into the bilge and setting off alarms at the most ungodly hour. The tender looked like a limp balloon (and Mr Roo couldn’t find the minuscule hole to repair it). Our new tender was ordered back March (some 10 weeks ago) and has just arrived.  Let’s not forget the chart plotter nav system has perished (this means we need a new radar as well, as our radar is analogue and all new chart plotters are digital). Don’t feel sorry for us, we are in the most idyllic spot, Hamilton Island, happily waiting for parts with no immediate plans for departure.

Hamilton has some lovely, hilly bush walks, which I try to do each other day, either walking up to Passage Peak or One Tree Hill, taking in the awesome 180 degree views over the Whitsunday Islands.

As at Sunday 8th June : Forecast is 4 days of non stop rain and 30knot winds.


2 thoughts on “Back onboard for 2014

  1. Hi Rod,
    We are staying with Raymarine, the old one was a c80 but well go for the c97, similar in size. Did not want to go for the e series with the touch screen. Besides insurance will cover it and don’t want to push it. There not to happy about having to replace the radar just because of advances in technology. We put in an electric toilet, wish I knew that the Jabsco was all metric with hoses etc and that the TMS was imperial, that was fun. Also had to replace the Isotherm hot water system as the old one sprung a leak.

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